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    White Smith


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    White Smith

    Post  White on Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:01 am

    Name: White K. Smith
    Age: ???
    Grade: Freshman
    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'
    Weight: 160 Pounds
    Mother: Marie
    Sister: Julie
    History: White's family tried to raise him right but, living at the bottom of the social ladder was difficult. He didn't go to school until recently and even then he's never really fit in.

    As a young lad he had grueling chores. He would help his father in the furnace by walking up the hill to fetch water for the cooling process. As a result, he came to know the behaviors of metals very well and how to use a sword.

    Despite his father's good work, his family was still treated lower than dirt. This angered White and he became a very troubled child. One day, the client refused to pay and killed his father. Since then, White has hated all forms of authority and did everything he could to defy them.

    Strength: ???
    Agility: ???
    Endurance: ???
    Speed: ???
    Nigel Uno #1
    Nigel Uno #1

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    Re: White Smith

    Post  Nigel Uno #1 on Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:58 am

    Only in their dreams can men be truly free. T'was always thus and always thus will be.
    -Robin Williams as John Keating in 'The Dead Poets Society'

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