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    Frost Fire [CLOSED]

    Natsuki Kanda

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    Frost Fire [CLOSED]

    Post  Natsuki Kanda on Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:51 pm

    She stood there looking at the patch of woods just beyond the fence. It might have been dark in the night, but Natsuki knew that she was in the right place. Back left corner of the school yard is what Mr. Yaga- I mean... Kira said. Her head turned from side to side to make sure that no one was there.

    Satisfied that she was by herself Natsuki brought out the torn picture and Kira's lighter. Her eyes stared blankly at the photo.

    Jersey was holding her at her waist while her brother was at her other side, and on the other side of him was her. Natsuki's eyes narrowed viciously at the empty space next to her brother, and she bit the bottom of her lip with her canine.

    "He was the one holding me!" Natsuki hissed to herself before flicking the lighter on and then holding it a foot under the picture. "Me! Not her!"

    Her hands trembled as she tried to force herself to burn the picture.

    "Damn it!" Natsuki stopped the fire and pocketed Kira's lighter. "Damn... it..."

    She backed up to the school wall and slid down. A choked sob escaped her as she brought her knees to her head all the while clutching the picture in her fist.

    "Why didn't he choose me?" Natsuki gasped for air, and let the tears flow. "Why couldn't he have chosen me?"

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