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    A good mood stolen(PeachNCherries)


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    A good mood stolen(PeachNCherries)

    Post  WithThorns on Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:02 pm

    Victoria leaned on the doorway and eyed the thing that lay before her. A some one, and she knew which someone this was, had brought it up himself to send her flowers, reminding her off all the times presents had appeared at her door back home. He'd signed the card. Bastard. She bent down slowly and picked up the vase. It felt heavy in her hands and the water inside made the steams seem bigger then they really were.


    She yelled and threw, with all her might and soon the vase and its contents lay in pieces in front of her door.In another swift motion her door was closed and she was walking down the hall. Going anyplace but here.

    With the exception of that fucking dance.

    'And I was in such a good mood...'

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