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    A Dark Decision


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    A Dark Decision

    Post  PeachNCherries on Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:38 pm

    It had been days since he had received the small syringe that currently lay in his hands, and Aksel had still not come to the decision as to what to do with it. The stranger had promised him all that he could ever wish for but the daring red-head was far from stupid. He didn't know what the clear liquid would do to him and he honestly didn't want to play games with something potentially dangerous.

    As the needle rolled around in his hands, his grey eyes never once leaving it, he wondered if it would all be worth it.

    Aksel only wanted one thing in this world and he would give anything to have it. He closed his eyes and looked back on the memories he had of his only desire and felt a shudder run itself down his back. Aksel had had many lovers, of all ages and genders but no one could ever quite compare to the one that was currently on his mind.

    Rexel Knightly.

    She wasn't particularly beautiful, or intelligent. She was fit but not strikingly so that men ogled her and women envied her. No there was nothing truly outstanding about her. And yet...

    Aksel clenched his fists, angry that such a plain girl could be his total obsession. She was nothing, a daughter of a rich man that his own mother seduced and that was all! There were hundreds of girls better looking and more appealing than her throughout all the world and with his own devilish good looks and alluring charm he could bring all of them to their knees begging for him.

    So why was Rexel so different?

    Aksel couldn't bring himself to answer that question. He didn't even know himself. All he knew was that he wanted her.


    Opening his fist again, the needle lay innocently in his hand, totally unaffected by his concrete grip and Aksel took in a deep breath.

    He took off the cap and placed the needle up against his arm, in a place that he knew a vein was. He released his breath and shoved the needle inside.

    He paused only for a moment, making sure that the syringe had indeed found a vein, and ejected the contents of it into his own body.

    The liquid felt oddly cold as it entered into his bloodstream, and he was surprised to see that when he pulled out the needle his arm did not bleed. In fact it looked as though nothing had happened at all.

    He rubbed his hand over the injection area to make sure, and found that there wasn't even a hole. He had been absolutely sure he had injected himself correctly. The cool tingling in his arm was proof he had.

    Shaking his head he placed the now empty syringe on his nightstand, and laid down onto his bed staring at the area he had pricked.

    "Well now, Mr. White..." He muttered out into the dark room, "So begins the second evolution of the human race."

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