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    Nigel's Powers

    Nigel Uno #1

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    Nigel's Powers

    Post  Nigel Uno #1 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:55 am

    Name of Power: Mist Body

    What it does: Nigel is able to turn all or part of his body into mist. This allows him to be able to avoid lethal damage while at the same time he is able to get in really close to perform devastating moves to his target's person. Nigel is also able to control the direction in which he travels while in cloud mode.

    Nigel's natural body temperature is ten degrees below normal due to this power while solid. While in cloud mode he drop the temperature to well below freezing in an effort to freeze his enemies. If they cannot escape him in two posts then they are frozen in place.

    Weaknesses: Even though he is able to turn himself in a small cloud, the cloud is white and easily visible. This forced him to be clever about using this method to spy on people. It cannot be used with his other power.


    Name of Power: Transition

    What it does: Nigel's physiology is transmuted into a creature of power. His fingers become claws able to shred even the hardest of materials. His feet become reminiscent of raptor claws, allowing him to grip into flat surfaces. He grows a tail, allowing for extra balance. He grows to a height of eight feet tall. His face becomes covered by an indestructible mask.

    While in this form he is able to quickly traverse any type of terrain. He can also teleport to any location he chooses.

    Nigel also has the ability to bring back the dead and heal the mortally wounded while in this form. He does this by placing his left hand on the dead person, or effected area and visualizing what the person should look like.

    Weaknesses: He cannot use the mist body power while in this form. However, should he receive a mortal wound he transforms back into his human form where the mist body takes effect, transforming the effected area to mist. This allows Nigel to correct the problem and re-solidify.


    Only in their dreams can men be truly free. T'was always thus and always thus will be.
    -Robin Williams as John Keating in 'The Dead Poets Society'

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