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    Backwards Day


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    Backwards Day

    Post  WithThorns on Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:39 pm

    The Director should really invest in some better quality door locks. The ones he has are so easy to get past. But then again Victoria did have more experience with breaking into rooms people didn’t want her in and this made her smile. Would this become a new game? They would replace the locks on the piano rooms just for her to break in again? Now that would be fun, but only if they got better locks. Where’s the fun if there’s no challenge? She swayed back and forth and even giggled to herself as she walked the hallways of Inu, Ever since Valentines Day she had made it a hobby to break into the piano room and play for a while and, so far anyway, no one had made any attempts to stop her action. Besides, no one else was using them and a piano left unplayed was a piano wasted. And Victoria could play, quite well actually. But like every other class she had they had only put her in level one, why was that again?

    “Oh, right. Wayward. “She said to the walls.

    It’s kind of hard to keep up your studies when you’re locked in the mental ward. The only good thing about that place was they had a piano too. Any thing else she new was drowned in a drug-induced haze that Victoria didn’t miss. She liked being able to walk again. When Victoria came upon her room she saw the mess was still there, the glass parts anyway, the flowers had been taken or tossed. Childishly she nudged a piece of glass with her big toes and giggled again, that day felt so far away to her.

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