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    Rina & Rexel Knightly


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    Rina & Rexel Knightly

    Post  PeachNCherries on Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:33 pm

    Name: Rina & Rexel Knightly
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    Gender: Female(s)

    Rina is on the left, Rexel is on the right.
    Height: 5’ 3”
    Weight: 120 lbs each.
    Father: Craven Knightly (52)
    Step-Mother: Monica Von Rozen (35)
    Brother: Bane Knightly (27)
    Brother: Cassian Knightly (23)
    Step-Brother: Aksel Von Rozen (16)


    The Knightly family is one of vast renown throughout Britain due to Craven Knightly’s almost inhuman way of reading the stock market. Despite her wealthy background, the girls have had a rough upbringing since her biological mother’s death. Their mother died while in labor with them, and because of that their father disdains them both.

    The oldest of the Knightly children, Bain, is an albino and was born with a weak heart and immune system. Because of his condition he is bed-ridden and hardly ever leaves the family house, and the girl's other elder brother, Cassian, has little interest in anything but the family’s gold pile.

    Shortly after the twins 10th birthday, their father remarried a young, American woman called Monica and adopted Monica’s son, Aksel, as his own. Monica was a gold digger from California and when she married into the family, she began seeking a way to make her son heir to the family fortune. Her first move: Get rid of the “troublesome twosome”.

    Because of their family’s… issues… Rina and Rexel depended deeply on each other and still do. Neither is far from the other and, despite their rough upbringings, both are bright and cheerful. They love to run and play around with others and enjoy playing small pranks. Aside from their hair, the only other real way to tell them apart is to pay close attention to their eyes. Rina’s are violet and Rexel’s are a deep teal color. Personality wise, Rina enjoys arts and creativity and Rexel enjoys history and competition.

    Strength: 18
    Dexterity: 15
    Willpower: 12
    Ability: 12
    Cunning: 13
    Constitution: 15

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    Nigel Uno #1
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    Re: Rina & Rexel Knightly

    Post  Nigel Uno #1 on Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:01 pm

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