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    Everett Bankman


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    Everett Bankman

    Post  Everett on Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:24 am

    Name: Everett Bankman
    Age: 15
    Grade: Freshman
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Everett has shaggy, brown hair that half hides his gaunt face. His eyes are slanted and dark brown, due to his mother's side being Chinese. His skin has a tanned color, although this is genetic and isn't influenced by how often he is outside in the sun.
    Height: 5 ft, 9 in
    Weight: 132
    Mother: Tammy Leary-Bankman, Surgeon, 33 years old
    Father: Shawn Bankman, Lawyer 32 years old
    Brothers: JT Bankman, 13 years old; Ian Bankman, 13 years old
    History: Everett was born on September 17th, to Tammy and Shawn Bankman as the first of three sons. He was treasured as if he was far superior than anyone else. When he was two years old, however, and his brothers were born, he had a big shock. For once, his parents didn't have much time for him, due to their stressful jobs and then coming home to the twins. He bared resentment to his little brothers, and went out of his way to knock over their blocks or steal their cheerios, which often got him sent to the corner for time out. This behavior lasted until he was six, when he realized that his brothers were the babies of the family, and that they did almost anything he asked them to. Thus, he became sort of a con-artist. He'd get half of the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms. After a while, they wised up to his tricks and he was back to getting sent to the corners. When he turned ten years old, he stayed up in his room all the time. This made his parents nervous and they had him take weekly drug tests, which always came back negative. Still, that didn't deter his parents, which had it in their heads that there had to be something, anything, wrong with him. His behavior has stuck with him through the last five years, except for the fact that he became a 'ladies' man when he was 12, and went through girlfriends like he did bags of chips, and he ate a lot of chips. Lately, in the last year or so, Everett's parents have been looking for a suitable place for their son to go to, to make sure he didn't get into drugs or alcohol. The summer before this school year, they decided on Inu.

    Strength: 4
    Agility: 2
    Endurance: 0
    Speed: 11
    Nigel Uno #1
    Nigel Uno #1

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    Re: Everett Bankman

    Post  Nigel Uno #1 on Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:31 am

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