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    Post  Nigel Uno #1 on Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:14 pm

    Name: Nigel Uno
    Age: 25
    Grade: Director
    Gender: Male
    Nigel Uno #1 Anime_guy_2
    He wears black and white sneakers.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 160 Pounds
    Family: No Living Relatives.
    History: Nigel was born into a typical family of four, like those ones you see on posters of America. He had a nice upbringing. Sure, there were fights but, hey, what family is perfect? He picked on his sister like any other boy does when he becomes a teen. He melted barbies, collected bugs, joined the boy scouts, etc. As he grew older he, fell in and out of love (a couple times), got his eagle, and graduated.

    To celebrate, he and his family went to see an opera. Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in NYC. Nigel was fascinated and later went to see it several more times. However, this would be the last time he went with company. After the play, they all decided it would be faster to leave through the emergency exit. It lead out into a back alley way where a man with a gun was waiting for them.

    The man walked up to them and demanded their money. They didn't carry cash for this very reason. The man wasn't too happy about this and so, shot both his parents before running off at the sound of sirens. Thankfully, a cop happened to be driving by and heard the gun shuts and Nigel and his sister were spared their lives.

    Nigel stayed strong through the funeral for his sister who had just finished her freshman year at high school. After wards, Nigel was able to get a job and they were able to stay in their house. Living mostly off of inheritance, they made it through the first year. Though, Nigel's sister hadn't said a word since the funeral.

    One day, Nigel call for his sister to get ready for school. She didn't reply and Nigel didn't hear anything from her room to suggest she had gotten out of bed. Nigel walked up the stairs, still yelling for her to get ready, and walked into her room. What he found was his sister's dead body swinging from her ceiling fan. Nigel went through another funeral though, this time, he cried like there was no tomorrow.

    For about a month afterward, Nigel spent his life in silence. He thought about what life really meant and about why he was put on this earth. He knew how his body came to be. Two people fell in love and procreated, that was simple enough. But, how was his consciousness conceived? Why was he here? He decided that it was up to him to choose his purpose, to choose his destiny.

    Nigel decided to open a school where kids would feel safe and would eagerly wait for the bus for another day at his wonderful school. And so, he designed, built, and opened Inu Private High School, where all your fantasies can become reality.

    Nigel Uno is the epiphany of god. None can stand before him.

    Unfortunately he can not spell.

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