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    Post  Nigel Uno #1 on Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:31 pm

    Site Name: Swords Of Justice

    Site Link:

    Base Info: Swords of Justice is a text based forum rpg set to its own storyline and universe. Born first as Legion of Heroes in 2007, it evolved into Seeds of Justice, where an unfortunate hacking led to its rebirth as Swords. Players can create a character that, as time passes, can gain up to three powers for their person. These three powers usually relate to one another in some form or another, so that people can't control three elements at once for example. The site has a general plot that the mods create as time passes, but users are free to suggest ideas to help contribute to the site's ever growing story. Of course, personal plots are welcome as well, especially if they allow others to join in on the fun. The staff are kind and constant, always there when something needs to be looked at or in case questions need to be asked.

    All members are welcome, although we would like some more members of the female gender, as we have a more male member base. Below is a basic description of the location that Swords takes place in, plus a slight back story to the site. So, if you have the time in your busy schedules for one more place to roleplay, come check us out.

    The Atlean Islands
    Swords of Justice takes place on a chain of islands known as the Atlean Islands. The Atlean Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean and are self governed nation. The islands have become known for their very pro-parahuman stance and their parahuman research. They are a sort of safe haven for parahumans worldwide and have the largest amount of parahumans per capital in the world. The chain consists of several islands, the three most prominent being Prometheus, Crona, and Ios.

    Prometheus is the largest of the islands and home to the Prometheus Institute (more on that later). Crona is the second largest island. It is entirely covered in urban sprawl and is the most influential of all the chain's islands. Ios is a smaller island, but it is home to the town of Ios, the largest residential area throughout the islands.

    A Brief History
    The Atlean Islands were established in April 24th, 1990 when Project Prometheus established the Prometheus Institute. The islands dealt with a moderate amount of turmoil over the years, but nothing too drastic until 2001. On May 21st, 2001, the group known as the Unofficial Anarchists attacked various locations all over the islands. Lead by a man known as Micheal Martin, the Anarchists proceeded to destroy and ravage everyone and everything in their path. Casualties were high and the damage was catastrophic. In order to combat future parahuman threats on the island, the Rogue Parahuman Control and Elimination, or RPCE, was formed. This elite group, formed out of the best human and parahuman men from around the islands, was lead by the governments most trusted parahumans; Spencer Smith aka Agent 404 and James Kennedy, aka Warp. With their intentions and goals clear, they began their crackdown on the parahuman community. With the RPCE's vast equipment and personal, rouge parahuman's were quickly brought down and imprisoned if they were taken alive. Many that opposed them met with quick and devastating justice.

    The RPCE began the most critical step of their crackdown on the parahuman population by issuing a mandatory registration for all parahumans living in the Atlean Islands. Many openly choose to register, knowing that they faced harsh penalties if they choose to hide instead. However, not every parahuman agreed to this, and revolted, many of them violently. Of the percentage that revolted, several stood out among the rest. These were Ignis and Joseph Slater, Kyle Gache and Karone Lee. Of the parahumans the revolted, these four were the most highly sought and crossed blades with the RPCE on more than one occasion. Thus the Registration War began. After months of fighting between the two sides, the rebels' spirits were crushed at the Battle of Forged Steel, where many of the rouge parahumans disappeared. The war subsided quickly after that and there was relative peace on the islands for a few months.

    The momentary peace was interrupted when a member of the Ithica Corporation managed to make his way to a position of power in the government above the RPCE. Crackdowns on the metahuman population increased, along with the brutality with which the crackdowns were performed. When legal actions failed to stop the rampaging Ithica, the RPCE was forced to act as an oppressive force rather than a peacekeeping one. The RPCE became divided into two groups; one side which supported this new approach to parahumans and the other which opposed it. Many of the prominent members, like Warp and 404, broke ranks from the RPCE and joined with an ever growing group of rebels known as The Watch. Enemies united together to face a common threat. People originally considered criminals for so long, like Kyle Gache, put aside their differences to make sure the oppressive ways of the Ithica ruled RPCE were put to a stop. After several months of intense fighting, the Watch managed to force the corrupt Ithica out of the RPCE. Following this event, the RPCE was disbanded and the islands returned to a state of peace.

    Years passed, and on February 8th, 2008 the RPCE was brought back together, but no longer under the influence of Ithica. With their power restored and the rouge elements in their ranks dispelled, the RPCE went back to policing the matters involving rouge parahuman activity, but with a different, less hostile approach. Parahuman criminal activity was down by a major percent, and the islands government considered spliting the RPCE into smaller task forces instead to save funds. That is, until a pandemic hit the islands and a large percentage of parahumans were struck with a mysterious virus. Some of those infected lost control of their powers or lost them entirely, while others were killed within days by the virus. Several of the more powerful parahuman's had to be isolated, for their rampaging powers were considered too much of risk to the populace, a key example being when a man known as Herl completely destroyed a city due to his out of control powers. Several agonizing months passed before the virus was luckily cured by a team of parahuman scientists on May 15th, 2009.

    On December 1st, 2009, the Prometheus Institute for Parahuman Learning was attacked by a small army of Ithica soldiers. About a fourth of the student body was captured and taken away to a secret facility known as the Roslin Facility. The RPCE staged a daring rescue attempt, calling upon all the help they could get from the islands more rouge parahuman forces to bolster their strength. In a massive strike against the ever lingering Ithica, the facility was completely wiped out after the RPCE discovered a cloning program being put into action. Although their swift action allowed for the program to be wiped out before it could be completely put into effect, Ithica managed to salvage the program in the form of five clones; clones of the rouge parahuman's Karone Lee, Kyle Gache and Kan Ingvar as well as clones of Warp and 404 themselves. Knowing that these clones could and would strike as soon as Ithica was ready to move again, the RPCE spread itself wide in an attempt to locate any leads on the Ithica leadership. At the same time, the rouge parahuman Ignis Slater aka Ghost, believed to be dead, returned with an even more chilling warning. Virgil Slater, the head of the organization Deadwood, was planning something terrible for the parahuman community and it was only a matter of time before he put his plan's into action.

    And this is where our story stands.

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